GradCAM researcher Sinead McDonald at IMPACT20 – Planetary Alliances
GradCAM researcher Sinead McDonald has been invited to present her research at the annual IMPACT Transdisciplinary Symposium at PACT Zollverein in Germany.
IMPACT20 – Planetary Alliances

For years, experts from all fields of knowledge have been occupied with the complex interconnections and vital dependencies between the human and the non-human. Under the title ›Planetary Alliances‹, IMPACT20 invites you to a polylogue on relationship net- works in which humans are just one actor among many.

As a scientific and artistic think-tank, IMPACT20 criss-crosses perspectives from biotechnology, natural science, philosophy and contemporary art: Lars Blank, Rosi Braidotti and Johannes Paul Raether reflect on the relativities, metabolisms and relationships between the elements and protagonists of our world and how these impact on ecological, social, economic and technological developments in a community. How can new alliances that no longer place humankind at the centre of perception, shape and define new models of societies?



GradCAM Head of Artistic Research Glenn Loughran presented on the final stages of his OPP residency in Ushers Island on Friday 28th February.

Working with service users in Ushers Island, Loughran has developed a prototype communication system that will be installed parasitically throughout the center.

Focusing on the idea of contributory work for a contributory society Loughran’s residency began with the contribution of a suite of disused MAC computers from TU Dublin to Ushers Island. The computers were then used to develop collective video essays with in Ushers Island which are installed in a unique set display case’s made by the participants. Each display will incorporate an earth battery into the design which used to power the screens showing the video essays.

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Forthcoming presentation at AAH Conference

GradCAM researcher Gráinne Coughlan to present paper at AAH annual Conference, April 2020

Gráinne Coughlan will present her paper “Managing Labour in A Fair Land” as part of the panel Art, Labour and Inequality: Interdisciplinary Perspectives at the Association of Art Historians Annual Conference. Her paper focuses on the participatory artwork A Fair Land that was developed by Grizedale Arts and the Irish Museum of Modern Art (IMMA) in 2016. Drawing from management studies and organisational aesthetics, Gráinne will examine the distribution but also the management of labour in A Fair Land. Rather than assume participation per se as a democratic gain, she will explore good management as a necessary tool to negotiate equitable distribution of labour in participatory art and to this end, compares how labour was managed in the model village and in the inter-institutional relationships that produced it. The paper develops Gráinne’s ongoing research interest in the organisation and management of socially engaged art and typologies of participation

Appointment as Public Art Now coordinator

Gradcam Researcher Grainne Coughlan Coordinates Public Art Now Conference, 29-31 October 2020

Gradcam Phd Candidate, Grainne Coughlan was appointed as conference coordinator for Public Art Now Conference in September 2019.

The conference will be located at TU Dublin’s city campus, Grangegorman – Irelands largest single investment in higher education in the last 50 years, which will house a community of 23,00 students on a campus only 1km from Dublin city centre. The campus, in part situated on the grounds of the former St Brendan’s hospital is central to the development of a vibrant new city quarter that is sensitive to the context of Grangegorman, its’ surrounding neighbourhoods and existing community. This location informs our considerations of Public Art, which often acts as a barometer for thinking critically about the relationships between Public Art practice, policy and its publics.

Comprised of a varied set of art practices, Public Art provides opportunities for collective participation and self-expression, historical reflection and community dialogue. It contributes to our social, spatial and political topologies by proposing new social models, enhancing physical infrastructure and engaging with design. As we enter the third decade of the 21st century, human–and non-human animals, face unprecedented environmental and social challenges. The present geological epoch of the Anthropocene, unchecked globalisation and resurgent nationalistic forces, provide new contexts through which to consider Public Arts role in society. Within this context, the Public Art Now Conference will explore alternative ways to articulate the diversity of arts practice and the complexity of our social, physical and natural environments.

As such, the Public Art Now conference is structured by three key themes;

• Public Art: Processes and Politics

• Public Art in the Anthropocene

• Ecologies of Space and Place

For more information, submission details and registration please visit

Entretiens d’un Nouveau Monde Industriel 2019 Conference International
Entretiens d’un Nouveau Monde Industriel 2019 Conference International, Internation, Nation, Transition : Thinking locality in Globalisation. Giving a response to Greta Thunberg and Antonio Guterres. Professor Noel Fitzpatrick and Dr. Conor Mc Garrigle will be presenting research on Real Smart Cities.
TU Dublin School of Creative Art Fine Art Lecturer Glenn Loughran begins OPP Residency in Ushers Island.

Other People’s Practices (OPP) is an artist’s residency and research project that supports professional artists to produce collaborative, socially engaged projects in Usher’s Island, a National Forensic Mental Health Service community centre for recovered and recovering service users of the Central Mental Hospital.

Working with an expanded understanding of ‘digital therapeutics’ Glenn’s residency aims to explore the impact of contributory work on the service users of Usher Island. Contributory work s defined by processes which merge individual production and social contribution to form collective knowledge production.

Glenn’s residency project will develop collective modes of production through digital forms of research.

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GradCAM Head of Artistic Research delivers opening lecture at the New Research Center For Public Education at Maynooth University on the 24th April.

Titled: Evental Education, Dr. Glenn Loughran’s presentation explored how to link art and education through the concept of the event. The “event” is a blind spot in the dominant educational ideologies of efficiency, accountability and flexibility. This theory of public education was explored through large-scale public art projects and programmes which set out to engage participants at marginal sites of exchange.

Initiated by Professors Gert Biesta and CarlAnders Salfstrom the research center aims to support educational research on public education and civic engagement.

For more on the New Research Center for Public Education see: here 

GradCAM PhD Researcher Siobhán Doyle’s article on the relationship between sports photography and national identity has been published by RTÉ Brainstorm.

The article outlines how sport is an integral and even a defining element of the culture of a nation and examines the role sports photography plays in developing national identity.

RTÉ Brainstorm is a partnership between the national radio station and third level institutions in Ireland. It is where the academic and research community contribute to public debate, reflect on world events and communicate fresh thinking on a broad range of issues.

Siobhán’s research into sports photography and national identity began during her previous role working in the Gaelic Athletic Association.



DSCA Lecturer Glenn Loughran on research secondment in the Jambeli Archipelago, Ecuador

A long-time escape for tourists and locals, Jambeli island has been slowly disappearing due to rising sea levels. In December 2017 the island police station, hotels and residences were destroyed by rising tides. The residency is part of a European Union H2020 Marie Sklodowska Curie (MSCA) Project being led by GradCAM. All residencies in the research project will culminate in a joint academic symposium and artistic research exhibition, beginning in Guayaquil on 8th– 14th July, and finishing in the Galapagos Islands on the week of 21st July.

For more information on Glenn’s residency see here:


Siobhán Doyle, GradCAM PhD Researcher, publishes the article ‘The Bullet in the Brick: The Materiality of Conflict in Museum Objects’ in the March 2019 issue of Arms and Armour.

Through a study of the display of a brick in which is embedded a bullet that is said to have passed through the body of Francis Sheehy Skeffington when he was executed by firing squad during the Easter Rising in Dublin in 1916, the article explores the historical configuration of the brick and analyses its public display in the National Museum of Ireland.

Siobhán is a final year PhD Researcher at the Graduate School of Creative Arts and Media (GradCAM) in the School of Creative Arts at Technological University Dublin and received the Dean of the College of Arts and Tourism scholarship award in March 2016. Siobhán’s doctoral research concerns the material and visual culture of modern Ireland with particular focus upon the role of exhibition display in commemoration and representations of death. Siobhán’s research has been published by Four Courts Press and the European Remembrance and Solidarity Network.


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