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The Graduate School welcomes expressions of interest from researchers and practitioners across creative arts and media who may be interested in participating in aspects of the School’s core programme. This is an opportunity to engage with the School and to participate in a critically animated and exciting interdisciplinary environment. Associate Researchers are provided with:

  • Access to lectures, seminars and other aspects of the core programme
  • Access to major international conferences hosted by the School
  • Opportunities to interact with visiting scholars and participate in masterclass workshops
  • Opportunities to publish, exhibit and present work-in-progress
  • Opportunities to acquire specialist research training – customised for researchers working across practice-based disciplines
  • Advice and support in developing research funding applications
  • The opportunity to participate in an innovative, vital and dynamic research community


The Associate Researcher role provides an opportunity for new and existing researchers and practitioners across creative arts and media to engage with the School. Expressions of interest are especially welcome from early-stage doctoral researchers who are working in thematic areas of interest to the School. (See our programme information for details.) Associate Researchers may be already existing doctoral students based in one of the collaborating institutions or based in an institution from outside the collaborating group. We are keen to foster and support a broad interdisciplinary network of researchers working across the creative arts and media sector nationally. Please contact us at 

The Associate Researcher role will also be of special interest to those involved in full-time teaching. The School wishes to develop, through the Associate Researcher framework, alternative pathways to PhD for staff with significant teaching and work commitments. We welcome expressions of interest in this regard also. Please contact us a


Associate Researcher: Frequently Asked Questions


What does the Associate Researcher role entail?

The key characteristic of the Associate Researcher role is that the Associate engages as an active participant in a dynamic research community facilitated through the Graduate School programme. Associate Researchers commit to participating in pre-agreed elements of the School’s core programme – typically this will entail participation in specific lecture and seminar series and collaborative realisation of key public seminars and related events. In acknowledgement of this participation Associate Researchers are requested to acknowledge the Graduate School in public communications of their research – where the research has been specifically enabled or supported by an aspect of the Graduate School’s programme and activities.

Is there a cost attached?

The Associate Researcher role can be realised in a number of ways, many of these entail no cost to the researcher. In the case of doctoral researchers already registered at any recognised third level institution in the state, it is possible to apply for an associate studentship without incurring any additional costs. In some circumstances, where the School will incur significant extra overhead costs in providing an associateship, a fee will apply. Each application for an associateship is taken on a case-by-case basis and reviewed by the School’s standing committee.

Is this a full-time or part-time role?

Both modes are possible. The Associate Researcher role will be customised in respect of each individual researcher through discussion with the Graduate School team.

Can I be registered in an institution other than one of the Graduate School collaborators?

Yes. The School welcomes participation from doctoral and post-doctoral researchers irrespective of their specific institutional home. However, an application to participate in the Graduate School programme, from a researcher based in another institution, requires the written support of the primary supervisor / director of studies.

How do I apply?

In the first instance, applications may be made by submitting a short written expression of interest with a recent CV and the research proposal. The expression of interest should clearly indicate; (i) the motivation for engaging with the Graduate School; (ii) the current status of the research project (e.g., whether the research is already underway or just commencing, what supervision arrangements, if any, are currently in place; (iii) the suitability of the project for consideration in the context of the Graduate School’s programme; and (iv) the kinds of support and inputs being sought through the Graduate School programme. This material should be submitted by email to with the phrase “associate researcher” in the message title. Expressions of interest may be submitted at any time.

What are the criteria for selection of Associate Researchers?

The criteria are:

  • Project relevance – in terms of both the potential benefit from, and the contribution to – the Graduate School programme and research themes
  • Track record as evidenced in CV
  • Potential contribution of the person to the research culture and programme of the Graduate School
  • General aptitude and clarity of purpose in proposing to engage with the Graduate School programme

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