Cathy O’Carroll

My practice is in performance scenography and lighting design. I have been an associate researcher with GradCAM since 2011. I am co-convener of the ‘Genealogies of Performance’ seminar group and a member of the ‘Digital Studies’ seminar group and the ‘Aesthetics’ research group’. Published work with this group includes ‘In Response to Bernard Stiegler: A Pharmacological Avant-Garde’, published in Imprint, Vol.3 2015, and ‘Turn, Turn, Turn: Civic Instrumentalisation and the Promotion of Autonomy in Contemporary Arts Funding’ published in the European Society of Aesthetics proceedings, 2015. I have a B.A in Drama and Theatre Arts (Goldsmiths College, London) and a M.A, in Art and the Contemporary World (N.C.A.D., Dublin).


Title:  A Practice led, research informed interrogation of the interactive and inter relational potential of site based performance, through an exploration of the ‘amateur’ and a re-positioning of the spectator within the networks of the event.

Abstract:  My practice led PhD research seeks new forms of interactivity through a critical exploration of the ‘amateur’, leading to a re-positioning of the spectator, within the networks of site based performance. The ‘amateur’ domain includes individual and group artistic activity that is not legitimised by the institutions of art as professional. My research explores the effects of professional mediation on processes of knowledge creation within performance practice. This will be informed by an analysis of the models of interaction which scenography, the authoring of space, facilitates, developed in critical dialogue with Bernard Stiegler’s mobilisation of the ‘amateur’. The task of this project is to both establish the effects of the relegation of the ‘amateur’ domain on the networks of production, transmission and reception of the event and to discover potentially more ‘beneficent’ forms of interactivity engendering, new interrelationships through the scenographic process.

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