Dr. Conor McGarrigle
Lecturer at the Dublin School of Creative Arts

I’m an Irish artist, researcher, educator and Assistant Professor in Emergent Digital Practices at the University of Denver.

I hold a BSc from UCD, an MA from NCAD and a PhD from DIT and was an Irish Government funded Research Scholar at GradCAM Dublin from 2008-2012.

I can be contacted at conor [AT] stunned [DOT] org

I’m on twitter and and


Research Interests

My practice is concerned with interrogating public spaces (virtual and physical) through incongruous interventions and actions which focus attention on the ways in which we interact with our environment. The work uses humour and often absurdity as a tactic to expose the intrinsic systems of control and censorship in the new media.

Current research interests are focused on the use of locative media and mapping practices in the creation of participatory artworks. My research will seek to fuse together locative media techniques and subjective mapping practises to create pyschogeographically inspired participatory artworks which will interrogate and disrupt the users experience of their urban environment, develop new methodologies of audience interaction and participation while exposing and critiquing the panoptical characteristics inherent in the growth of locative media.

My research will also seek to position locative media in a greater art historical context drawing a line from the Lettrists through the Situationalists, happenings and other interventionist and performative practises from the 1960s and 70s to the net art movement I will also link the work to current art practises of re-enactment in performative art.

I have a long-standing interest in the open source movement and as part of my research Ihope to create an open source artist tool based on re-enactment/re-mapping to interrogate the urban space and investigate notions of culture as spectacle.

I am also interested in techniques for the presentation, archiving and preservation of new media artworks and the challenges this presents to artists, collectors and institutions. 

Institution Affiliation
DIT, Digital Media Centre
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