Prof. Noel Fitzpatrick
Dean of GradCAM

Noel Fitzpatrick (doc ès lettres, Paris VII) is Professor of Philosophy and Aesthetics,  and the Dean of GradCAM (since 2012). He is also the  Head of Leaning and Research Development at the College of Arts and Tourism at the TU Dublin (Dublin Institute of Technology). He teaches Philosophy of Technology and Aesthetics to postgraduate and doctoral students at TU Dublin,  he supervises Post-Doctoral and PhD students at GradCAM in the College of Arts and Tourism. Noel  gives seminars on phenomenology, hermeneutics, philosophy of technology at the Graduate School. He is a leading member of the European Artistic Research Network, SHARE and European Society of Aesthetics.  Noel is a member of Ars Industrialis, (Founded by Bernard Stiegler) and a founding member of the Digital Studies Network at the l’institut de recherche et innovation (IRI) at the Pompidou Centre in Paris. Prof. Fitzpatrick has been awarded research funding from the Irish Research Council and is a Marie-Curie Research Fellow currently co-ordinator of the Research and Innovation Staff Exchange Real Smart Cities project ( He also acts as evaluator on H20:20 programmes on the SOC panel for the European Commission. He was also chairperson of the Irish Humanities Alliance 2017-2018 and vice chair 2016-2017 and is now chair of the EU working Group of the IHA. Noel has also acted as curator for the GradCAM event at the research pavilion (supported by the Uni Arts Helsinki) Utopia of Access in 2017.

Before joining the TU Dublin (DIT) Noel taught for 12 years at the University of Paris VII where he received a research fellowship (ATER) from the University Paris VII in 2003-2005. At the university of Paris he taught on undergraduate and post graduate courses at the universities of Paris VII and Paris VI.

Noel graduated from UCD with a BA in English and Philosophy, and an MA in Philosophy (1989). For his masters research with Prof Richard Kearney he concentrated on the early hermeneutic philosophy of Paul Ricoeur. He then moved to France (1990) to continue his postgraduate research into contemporary French philosophy, in particular the Hermeneutic Phenomenology of Paul Ricoeur. He obtained an MPhil (1994) from the University of Paris VII in French Pragmatic Linguistics and psycholinguistics: ‘la linguistique d’énonciation’. His doctoral studies were carried out in the ‘Ecole Doctorale, Langue, Littérature, Image, Civilisations et Sciences Humaines’ which was under the responsibility of Professor Julia Kristeva. He was supervised by Professor Alexis Tadie (Paris VII) and by Professor Angel-Perez  (Paris III). In 2005 he obtained his PhD (doc ès lettres) with first class honours entitled Le sujet et Les je(ux) de discours dans l’oeuvre de Brian Friel (The ‘I’ and the narrative self in the work of Brian Friel). This thesis developed new models of discourse analysis in pragmatic linguistics and the philosophy of language with relation to the dialogic structure of the theatre and construction of the speaking subject in the work of Brian Friel. The thesis was published in book format by ANRT Lille, in Jan 2008 as Le sujet et les je(ux) de discourse dans l’Oeuvre de Brian Friel.

He has presented and published widely in the fields of Contemporary Theatre Studies, Philosophy, Philosophy of Art, Philosophy of Science and Technology, Educational Research and Computer Mediated Discourse Analysis. He has also collaborated on a joint poetry/painting publication with the Armenian painter Gaguik Martirosyan (2005).His current research is focused on the impact of digital technologies on the construction of knowledge (epistemology) and on cultural production (aesthetics). Noel has been awarded a number of research grants including NDRC, IRC, Marie-Curie Funding, he currently an expert evaluator on the H20:20 programme and co-ordinator of the Marie-Curie RISE project Real Smart Cities (


Research Interests

Noel managed a translational research project ‘Comenius2.0’ (2009-2011) with the National Digital Research Centre ( Noel was also a awarded a DIT Teaching Fellowship for the academic year 2010/2011/2012 to carry out research into formative assessment and Critical Theory.

He has a central interest in the interpretation of text, digital hermeneutics, text as a performance, and the relationship between text and image. His research spans different disciplines and domains from contemporary French philosophy to performance theories and computer mediated discourse analysis.

Noel’s research interests include Philosophy of Art, Contemporary Philosophy, Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Education, Philosophy and Technology, Pragmatic Linguistics, Computer Mediated Communication and Technology Enhanced Learning.

Research Publications
Book Publications

Fitzpatrick, N. (2017) The question of Fiction – nonexistent objects, a possible world response from Paul Ricoeur. KAIROS Journal of Philosophy of Science and Technology, Issue 1, 2017.doi:10.1515/kjps-2016-0020

Fitzpatrick, Noël, (2008),  Le sujet et le je(u) de discours dans L’œuvre de Brian Friel. Lille, ANRT, 469pp.

Fitzpatrick, Noel & Harvey, Jen (eds.), (2011), Designing Together: Effective Strategies for Creating a Collaborative Curriculum to Support Academic Professional Development, Dublin, Dublin Institute of Technology.

Fitzpatrick, Noel, & Stott, Tim (eds.). (2012), Undisciplined Disciplines, Issue 1, In/Print. Dublin Institute of Technology.

Fitzpatrick, Noel & Stott, Tim (eds.). (2013), Trickster and Troubadours, Issue 2, In/Print. Dublin Institute of Technology.

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Research Publications
Book Chapters

Fitzpatrick, Hayes, O´Rourke, (2008), ´Beyond constriction towards control, Social Constructivism online´, Information Technology and Constructivism in Higher Education: Progressive Frameworks, ed. Carlye R. Payne, IGI Global.

Fitzpatrick, Donnely, (2010), ‘Do you see what I mean?  Discourse analysis and Pragmatics’, Critical Design and Effective Tools for E-learning in Higher Education: Theory into Practice, ed. O’Rourke. IGI Global.

Bruen, Fitzpatrick, Gormely, Harvey, (2010), ‘Managing knowledge creation through the use of wikis’, Critical Design and Effective Tools for E-learning in Higher Education: Theory into Practice, ed. O’Rourke. IGI Global.

Fitzpatrick, Noel, (2013), ‘Digital reading, a prelectio?’ Internet in the humanities: an insight from Ireland, eds, Cathy Fowley, Claire English, and Sylvie Thouësny, Research Publishing, Dublin City University.

Fitzpatrick, Noel , (2013), ‘Pharmacologies of Images and Texts’, Proceedings from the European Society of Aesthetics, Prague 2013.

Fitzpatrick, Noel, (2013), ‘Knowing Knowledge, PhD Education in the Creative Arts, Visual Paper Art Journal : Dublin.

Fitzpatrick, Noel, (2014), Etats de lieux: L’art contemporain, Les Temps Modernes, Paris.

Research Publications
Conference Papers

March 2006: Conference Paper ‘Il y a l’Autre dans le Je(u) : Le monologue chez Brian Friel.’ The Association for Franco-Irish Studies (AFIS), ‘Interference, Interface and Intertextuality.

June 2006: Conference Paper ‘Sé Sin Scéal Eile/ But that’s another Story : Digression in Brian Friel’s monologues’, University College Galway, International Irish Studies Conference : ‘Orality and Modern Irish Culture’.

November 2006 : ‘Instructional Design and Second Language Acquisition’, Elearning Seminar, School of languages, Dublin Institute of Technology.

January 2007: ‘Spanish presentations Skills using WebCT (VLE)’, Teaching and Learning Showcase, Dublin Institute of Technology.

January 2007:  ´Instructional Design and Second Language Acquisition using Moodle (VLE)’, Elearning Workshop, School of Languages, Institute of Technology Tallaght.

Feb 2007: ‘The Self and The Other: The Communication Cord’ School of languages Research Seminar, Dublin Institute of Technology.

Feb 2007: ‘It’s the occasion that matters: pragmatics, Dublin Computational Linguistics Research Seminar (DCLRS).

March 2007: ‘Discourse analysis: pragmatics’, Research Seminar, Discourse Analysis Group, Dublin Institute of Technology.

April 2007: ´Use of Voice Discussion Boards in Language Learning´ Horizon Wimba Presentation Day.

May 2007: Conference Paper ´Introducing Web 2.0 technologies onto Postgraduate courses´, Edtech annual conference, Dublin.

May 2007: Seminar paper ‘Do you see what I mean? Pragmatics and Computer Mediated Communication’, Research seminar: elearning and teaching, DIT.

June 2007: Chairperson, ´M-learning the wave of the future´, eLearning Summer School 2007, DIT .

December 2007: Conference paper, ‘Teacher development: Learning Innovation Network’, annual NDLR symposium, Trinity College Dublin.

January 2008:  Presentation. ‘EMEC: European Masters in Early Childhood Education and Care’, Learning and Teaching Showcase 2008, Dublin Institute of Technology.

January 2008: Plenary Presentation: ´Modularisation: Online Catalogue´, Learning and Teaching Showcase 2008, Dublin Institute of Technology.

May 2008: Conference paper ´An Emerging Community of Practice: Learning and Teaching Development Programmes for the institutes of technology, Edtech annual conference, Dundalk.

May 2008: Conference paper ´Portal development to support a community of Practioners, joint paper,  Edtech annual conference, Dundalk.

August 2008: Conference paper ´Embedding Programmes for a Community of Practice in Learning and Teaching´, AISHE annual conference

August 2008: Conference paper ´Student Perspectives on Assessment, joint paper, AISHE annual conference.

November 2008: Conference paper ´Academic Development Programmes for Learning Innovation Network´, NARTIL, Waterford Institute of Technology.

January 2009:  Conference paper , ´La professionalization des humanities´, SAE, Paris with The Ministry of Culture in France.

January 2010: Conference paper, ‘The Challenges of Collaborative Curriculum Design’, Designing Together, LIN Symposium, Dublin Institute of Technology.

Feb 2010:Public Talk ‘Art has no serious Value’, Trinity College Dublin, The Hist Society.

May 2010: Presentation‘Crédit ECTS et Résultats d’Apprentissage. Le passage vers les résultats d’apprentissage : Le cas irlandais’. May 2010. Bologna Expert Group, Paris.

Jan 2011:  ‘Formative Assessment’, (conference paper), The DIT annual Learning and Teaching Showcase,

March 2011: Public Talk ’The question of the object’, Richard Tutle Exhibition, Hugh Lane Gallery.

Jan 2012: Conference Paper ‘Lingle, Putting Authentic Text back into teaching’, Dublin Computational Linguistics Research Seminar, Dublin City University.

March 2012 : Conference Paper Digital Typography, The book to Come, Humanities Irish Institute, University College Dublin.

March 2012 : Conference Paper Critical Hermeneutics, The school of language, research seminar, Dublin Institute of technology

April 2012 : Seminar Talk Pharamakon: Digital Typography, GradCAM Typography Seminar.

June 2012 : Conference Paper Revisiting Ekphrasis : The Early hermeneutic phenomenology of Paul Ricoeur, The European Society of Aesthetics, University of Braga/Guimaraes, Portugal.

September 2012, EARN, European Arts Research Network, Conference Documenta13, Kassel, Germany.

November 2012, On Becoming : Ontology of becoming, Alice Maher ‘Becoming’ : Exhibition, Irish Muesem of Modern Art, Dublin

December 2012, Conference Paper ‘L’émergence du langage et la métaphore (en) vive : Gaston Bachelard et Paul Ricoeur,’ International Philosophy Conference ‘Bachelard-une évaluation 50 ans après’, Centre for the Philosophy of Science of Universitate de Lisboa, 10-11, December 2012.

May 2013, SHARE, PhD education in the Arts, Chair panel of Practice Based PhDs, Brussels, Saint Lucas, Belgium.

April 2013, ‘Knowling Knowledge’, lecture as part of the I KnOw yoU : The Art Academy and Knowing, exhibittion, at IMMA, Irish Museum of Modern Art,  NCH, Dublin.

June 2013, ‘Ekphrasis and Hermeneutic Phenomenology’, Paul Ricoeur and the future of the humanities conference, Groningen, Holland.

June, 2013, ‘Pharmacologies of texts and images’, The European Society of Aesthetics, Prague.

Sept 2013, SHARE, Vienna Academy of Fine art, Evaluation of PhD practice based projects in the Creative Arts.


Research Publications
Research Projects

National Digital Research Centre, Lingle. (2009-2011)
see for details

CedRAR (with the school of computing at Dublin Institute of Technology)

Real Smart Cities (


Research Publications
Research Students

Post-Doctoral Students  (2009-2011)
Dr. Joesph Allemandou
Dr. Eamon Newman

Dr.Neill O’Dwyer (2017-2019)

PhD Students completed
Tara Byrne : Creative City and Cultural Policy
Alan Mee : Addressing Spatial Chaos : Case Studies of Selected Dublin Sites 1998-2008
Neil O’Dwyer : Performance of the subject

Mphil Students completed
Jackie Rafferty : Readibility and Legibility : The Digital Challenge

Current Students
Mick O’Hara
Jeanette Doyle
Irina Gheorghe
Martjin Telinga
David Carpener
Research Outputs

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