Dr. Jye O’Sullivan

Jye O’Sullivan graduated from his B.A. in History of Art at University of York in 2014 and M.A. in History of Art and Architectural Theory, at the University of York under a scholarship with York Art Gallery in 2015. He is currently pursuing a PhD under scholarship from the Dublin School of Creative Arts. Jye’s research interests include the interactions between cybernetics and art, the history of early computing, biological cybernetics, Latin American conceptual art, and global networks of knowledge sharing. He has presented his research internationally at institutions such as the University of Leiden, the University of Lisbon, and the MAAT, Lisbon, as well as locally. In 2018, Jye will present his research at the Latin American Studies Association biannual conference in Barcelona. He is an active member of the Digital Studies Network, GradCAM and the Environmental Art and Design reading group in Dublin. Jye is a Getty Research Institute grantee and will be conducting research at the Getty Research Institute Library special collections throughout September 2018 on Centro de Arte y Comunicación and their use of cybernetics in art.


Title: Beyond Technocracy: Artistic Engagements with Cybernetics and Transatlantic Networks in Centro de Arte y Comunicación

Supervisors: Tim Stott and Francis Halsall

Overview: The project examines artistic engagements with cybernetics outside of the hegemonic Western perspective. It uses Centro de Arte y Comunicación as a case study through which to examine how the cybernetics of the likes of Norbert Wiener, W. Ross Ashby and Gregory Bateson have been utilized and combined with the information theory of Abraham Moles in a Latin American, artistic context.

Whilst our present historical cartographies of the movement of cybernetic ideas largely exclude Latin America, this project asserts that centres such as CAyC were key nodes in transatlantic exchanges of artistic ideas and production in both conceptual art and design exhibited internationally. By tracing the history of ideas across a global network of exchange this project not only uncovers a neglected history of art, but it also asserts an alternative history of cybernetics and its socio-political utilization.

Research Outputs


University of Leiden, Leiden International Short Film Experience: “Jeffery Shaw, Heidegger and Expanded Cinema”. September, 2017.

University of Lisbon & Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology (Lisbon), “Invisible Environments:

Centro de Arte y Comunicación, Conceptual Art & Cybernetics”. October, 2017.

XXXVI International Congress of the Latin American Studies Association, Barcelona, Spain, Centre Convencions International Barcelona. “Positioning Centro de Artes y Comunicación within a Global Art History of Engagements with Cybernetics”. May, 2018.

Panels / Roundtables:

GradCAM Research Pavillion, Venice Bienalle.”Roundtable discussion with Grainne Coughlan and Art Way of Thinking”. September, 2017.


Getty Research Institute, Research Grant. Project “Beyond Technocracy: Artistic Engagements with Cybernetics and Transatlantic Networks in Centro de Arte y Comunicación”. September, 2018.


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