Dr. Sheelagh Broderick
Artist Researcher



I am an artist and researcher whose work is located in (extra)ordinary places driven by processes of immersive social engagement, informed by materials to hand, enacted routines and knowledge practices. I have an abiding interest in how institutions intersect with other institutions and communities. This interest led to a doctoral inquiry (Mis)Interpreting Arts & Health: What (Else) Can An Arts Practice Do? (2009- 2015). This research considered how the encounter of healthcare, art and academic institutions had led to an appropriation of art practice as clinical intervention. It sought to provide an orientation for these extra-gallery art practices when unburdened of clinical expectation. This is an enduring area of interest for me as the line between art and not art is constantly (re)negotiated. I am currently developing a project that will focus on the art institution (West Cork Arts Centre) and it’s adjacent local community, based at an urban wilderness area called the Rock. Please see


2010 Arts Council of Ireland Arts & Health Connect Mentoring Award managed by Create/Common Ground (Mentor Marie Brett)

2009 Arts Council of Ireland, Travel & Training Award

2009 Arts Council of Ireland, Artist in the Community Project Realisation Award managed by Create

2009 ABBEST Scholarship, GradCAM, Dublin Institute of Technology

2008 Arts Council of Ireland, Artist in the Community Research & Development Award managed by Create.


June 2013, Catalogue essay Something Happens for e.gress touring exhibition by Marie Brett with Kevin O’Shanahan and the Alzheimers Association of Ireland

Dec 2011, Witness Writer, Text developed for the National Dialogue Arts + Health Conference RUA RED, Tallaght, Dublin

Sept 2011, To Evidence or Not to Evidence?  Opinion Piece for website

Jul/Aug 2011, Hale & Arty first published in the 2011 July / August edition of the Visual Artists News Sheet

June 2011, Arts Practices in Unreasonable Doubt? Reflections on Understandings of Arts Practices in Healthcare Settings, Arts & Health: International Journal of Policy, Research and Practice


2009 – 2015: PhD, Graduate School of Creative Arts & Media (GradCAM), Dublin Institute of Technology, supervised by Dr Tim Stott (DIT) and Prof Declan McGonagle (NCAD)

2009 B.A. Visual Art, Dublin Institute of Technology

2008 Higher Diploma (Healthcare Management) Royal College of Surgeons Dublin

1997 M.A. (Sociology) University College Cork

1987 Higher Dip. Computer Science University College Cork

1986 B.A. (Sociology) University College Cork



(MIs)Interpreting Arts & Health: What (Else) Can An Arts Practice Do? (2009- 2015).

This research project concerns arts practices in healthcare settings and the encounter between artist, researcher, healthcare professional and institution. Rather than understanding arts practices as either therapeutic or recreational services, this research asks instead, what (else) can an arts practice do? This is accomplished by connecting two previously separate bodies of scholarship; health sociology and an art criticism of expanded arts practices. By connecting these bodies of scholarship, this inquiry offers a new conceptual language and orientation for arts and health practitioners distinct from the evidence-based practice model most prevalent in academic and professional discourses and consequently establishes a transdisciplinary trajectory for artistic and research practices. Navigating between polemical art critical discourses and appropriating health discourses the research seeks to follow a generative path, to create a position of affirmation, where art encounters can be understood in the way they produce affects, defined by how they connect and transform, by what they do. Such an approach addresses a lacuna in scholarship created by the almost exclusive academic interest in impact studies and the sparseness of associated critical writing. The research inquiry then makes a contribution to knowledge of relevance to artists, researchers, healthcare professionals and institutions because it offers an expanded conceptual vocabulary and scope for art practices in healthcare settings.


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