Philosophy of Science and Technology

This module introduces students to the history of philosophical concepts in relation to understanding the basis for science as a positivistic world view. The Module aims to frame science and technology as forms of the mediation in the world which do not happen in a vacuum. The premise of the module is that technology is built in and for society. The social, political and cultural framing of questions raised by the development of specific forms of technology will be base of the module. The module will investigate in the first instance the epistemological frameworks of scientific thought, then it will investigate the development of specific forms of science as techno-science. The module will also introduce fundamental elements of the philosophy of science and technology in relation to the development of digital technologies. For the session 2018-2019 the seminar will concentrate on the question what is Technology and will unfold alongside the development of a Manifesto with Prof. Bernard Stiegler.

The dates for this semester are, the seminar will take place on the Grangegorman Campus

RD004 – 26th September 12- 2 pm

GW402 – 11th Oct 12- 2pm

GW402 – 24th Oct 12- 2pm

GW402 – 7th Nov 12- 2pm

RD004 – 22nd of Nov 12 – 2pm

GW402 – 5th of Dec 12 – 2 pm.

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