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Typography Ireland was initiated in March of 2005, to create a centre of excellence for the practice of typography in Ireland, based, in its formative stages at least, in the School of Art, Design & Printing at DIT.

Typography Ireland has developed as an all-island organisation that aims to provide a focus point, resource and forum within which to promote typography along the lines of practice, education, history and research. It is also hoped that the organisation will help to provide a sense of community amongst interested parties as presently the practice of typography and typographical research is uncharted within the country.

One of the proposed purposes of Typography Ireland is to build a comprehensive narrative of the history of typography in Ireland from its earliest inception to the present day, along historical and theoretical lines. It is also hoped to create an archive and library of typographical work from Ireland or from abroad where it is deemed to be of Irish concern either practically, historically or culturally. In particular, the creation of an Irish typographical archive is important because at present there is no central archive for significant Irish typographical works. As a result, there exists a large body of uncatalogued work in the form of sketches, original and printed or digital artwork in the country.

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